Prefab Garage Kings

If you are considering placing a prefab garage on your property, the first thing you should do id check with your zoning board and find out if there are any restrictions as to the size and building materials permitted for garages. You'll need to get a building permit, even if you are really only putting together the pre-built pieces of the garage.

Once you have determined the size of the prefab garage you'll be able to put up, you need to prepare the site on which you will locate it. You really should pour a foundation for the prefab garage, and for that you'll need plans from the manufacturer to get the exact dimensions. By attaching the prefab garage to a concrete foundation, you'll be ensuring its stability in any kind of weather.

Almost every manufacturer of prefab garages expects you to be able to put assemble the prefab garage yourself, but you are certain to need assistance from two or three other people in moving some of the larger pieces.

Prefab Garage Styles

Some models of prefab garage are surprisingly complex; they vary widely in size and can be ordered with a top floor room to serve as an extra bedroom for visiting guests. prefab garage. The prefab garage can be left unfinished, or stained or painted to match the owner's house. Even if the owner chooses to leave it natural, however, the prefab garage should be treated with a clear stain to protect it from the elements.

There are also prefab garages with vinyl siding which merely needs hosing down every six months or so. A well-maintained prefab garage can provide protection to the family automobiles and seldom-used possessions for a long time.

Portable Prefab Garages

Even better, a prefab garage can be disassembled as easily as it was assembled, by removing its screws and bolts and separating the sides and roof, you can have the prefab garage ready to move to another location. Its portability makes the prefab garage a great option for those who lease homes or land on which to situate their businesses.

A prefab garage will cost less, and take less time to construct, than a traditional wooden garage; and, because it is made of steel, will cost less to insure against fire than a garage of wood. Add the fact that you can take your prefab garage with you when you leave a location, and you'll see why investing in it can solve your garage problems permanently!